September 2017, Summary of Scientific Activities

These are the main activities carried out by JRL members in September 2017. For further information, please, access our publications section.

  • Journal papers
    • Smart bandwidth assignation in an underlay cellular network for internet of vehicles paper has been accepted and published in the Q1 journal Sensors. Our JRL member Eneko Osaba has contributed on the elaboration of this paper. The published version of the paper can be accessed here.
    • Road traffic forecasting: Recent advances and new challenges survey on traffic forecasting has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine. Ibai Laña, Javier del Ser and Manuel Vélez have collaborated with Eleni Vlahogianni, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.
  • Special Issues
    • Special issue HAIS 2015: recent advancements in hybrid artificial intelligence systems and its application to real-world problems has been published online in Q1 Neurocomputing journal. Our JRL member Eneko Osaba has contributed as guest editor. Further information about this special issue can be found here.
  • Books
    • Nature-inspired Methods for Stochastic, Robust and Dynamic Optimization book has been accepted for publication under INTECH published. Our JRL members Javier Del Ser and Eneko Osaba will act as editors of this book. Visit book’s website for further information.

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