Project Description
  • November 8, 2018

MoveUS means ICT cloud-based platform and mobility services available, universal and safe for all users. As a result of the research activity along the project, MoveUS will deliver:

1. A cloud-based mobility management platform, which will collect input data from distributed heterogeneous sources and process these data to infer valuable information of the traffic status and users’ mobility patterns, ensuring data privacy and security all along the handling process

2. An API toolkit offered as a platform extension, which will provide developers and third parties access to these data.

3. A set of innovative user-centric services supported by an effective incentive-based model, aimed at assisting users’ mobility and fostering behavioral changes towards sustainable transport modes.

4. A fully integrated smart mobility application (MoveUS APP), running either on users’ smartphones or control centers owned by Local Authorities or Transport Operators.

5. Energy efficiency assessment tools to measure users’ carbon footprint and the energy gains vs. consumption for the ICT solutions applied to each pilot.

Project Details:

Ref: Grant Agreement no 608885 (FP7 project)

More Information

Our participation in MoveUs has involved:

  • Multimodal journey planner allows the user to search route options and to choose the most suitable mobility option amongst the suggested modes of transport (public transport, cycling, walking, car).
  • Urban traffic prediction models, allowing to plan better routes
  • Frequent trajectory estimation