Maria Arostegi


Maria Arostegi received her degree in mathematics (Number Theory) in 1995 from the EHU-UPV (Basque country University), after studying her last year in Milano (Italy) in L’Universtità degli Studi di Milano. In 1996 she attended the Course on Pedagogical Aptitude, and the next four years she obtained some grants to work in the mechanics department of LABEIN and in VRAC (Ames-IA) to work with some Virtual reality tools. Specifically she worked on geometric modelling, software navigation, software simulation and photo-realistic treatment. From then on, she has worked on some projects related with 3D-modelling tools, graphic interaction, or computation and simulation on smoke scenario. In the last years she has specialized on developing Software predictive tools to rolling mills, continuous casting and reheating furnace. More specifically developing the heating module in 1D, 2D and 3D and the software interfaces for those steel processes. Nowadays, she is focused on the study of mathematic algorithms of data analytics, machine learning and big data technologies (such as Hadoop and Spark, among others)