Izaskun Mendia

PhD student

Izaskun Mendia Telleria is BSc in Computing Engineering from the University of Deusto (2000). She has a working experience for near 17 years in research and technological environments related to the IoT world. She currently is part, as senior researcher, of the Data Analytic Group at TECNALIA’s Optima Area; she also is developing her PhD as researcher on Data Analytics related to Low Voltage Energy Distribution Networks and Energy Efficiency. She now focuses all of this effort on Machine Learning techniques and Optimization/Multiobjective Algorithms. Izaskun’s background is in software development and artificial intelligence. She defines herself as problem-solver and has spent most of her career working on data tools by Semantic Technologies, knowledge management through OPEN DATA and RDF transactions. Deep Java and OSGi experience for designing and developing server-side systems and services, and currently working with Python for data engineer tasks. Her most recently publication is “Optimal Phase Swapping in Low Voltage Distribution Networks Based on Smart Meter Data and Optimization Heuristics”, in International Conference on Harmony Search Algorithm (January 2017), Springer Editorial. Regular collaborator in European projects with previous experience in more than 20. The last of them, UPGRID, belonging to the European call H2020, under the topic of Distribution Networks as an Innovative Action.



  • I. Mendia, S. Gil-López, J. Del Ser, A. G. Bordagaray, J. G. Prado, and M. Vélez, “Optimal phase swapping in low voltage distribution networks based on smart meter data and optimization heuristics,” in International conference on harmony search algorithm, 2017, p. 283–293.
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