Andrés Iglesias


Prof. Andres Iglesias works at the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Sciences, Toho University (Funabashi, Japan) and at the Department of Applied Mathematics & Computational Sciences, University of Cantabria (Spain), where he was head of department (2008-12), post-graduate studies coordinator (2005-12), and currently leads the Computer Graphics & Geometric Modeling research group. Author of about 200 international papers (with journal papers in Q1 quartile in 15 categories of JCR-SCI), 1 patent, and 14 books (Elsevier, Springer-Verlag, IEEE CS Press, Thomson Publishers). Chairman and organizer of about 50 international conferences and workshops. Steering committee member and program committee member in more than 200 international conferences. Editorial board member of several international journals. Reviewer of more than 400 conference papers in more than 130 conferences and more than 130 journal (mostly JCR-SCI) papers. Scientific expert evaluator of projects for National Science Foundation (USA), the 7th. Framework Programme (European Union) and other national and regional public research agencies. Committee Member of the IFIP Technical Committee 5 - Information Technology Applications, Workgroup 5.10 - Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds. His main research fields are swarm intelligence and nature-inspired metaheuristic methods, computer graphics, geometric modeling and processing, and curve and surface reconstruction. [+info:]




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