JRL members to attend GECCO 2019

Members of the JRL Eneko Osaba, and Aritz Martinez will attend next edition of The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2019, https://gecco-2019.sigevo.org), which will be held in Prague, New Zeland in July 2019. Five different papers have been accepted for publication in which JRL Members Aritz Martinez, Ibai Laña, Javier Del Ser and Eneko Osaba have participated:

  • Hybridizing Differential Evolution and Novelty Search for Multimodal Optimization Problems .
  • Combining Bio-inspired Meta-Heuristics and Novelty Search for Community Detection over Evolving Graph Streams.
  • Discovering dependencies among mined association rules with population-based metaheuristics.
  • Nature-Inspired Metaheuristics for optimizing Information Dissemination in Vehicular Networks.
  • Computing Rational Border Curves of Melanoma and Other Skin Lesions from Medical Images with Bat Algorithm.

Furthermore, Eneko Osaba will chair the following special sessions:

  • Evolutionary Data Mining and Optimization over Graphs (EVOGRAPH)
  • Computational Intelligence in Aerospace Science and Engineering

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