Javier Del Ser contributes to the “Strategic Plan for Artificial Intelligence” of Spain

Javier Del Ser (member and coordinator of the JRL) is one of the prominent experts that have contributed to the elaboration of the “Strategic Plan for Artificial Intelligence” of Spain, and will participate in the presentation of the finalversion of the plan to be held in Granada (Spain) on March 6th. This expert group is one of the three inter-ministerial think tanks arranged to provide a response to three strategic pillars of the Spanish society in the 21st century: the implementation of the R&D+i Framework Programme on the EU Europe Horizon, the Blue Economy and Artificial Intelligence. This last pillar is the target of the working group, and together with the Minister for Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, they will design the spanish Artificial Intelligence strategy for the next years in order to keep Spain ahead of the research and development of Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

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