Four new conference publications: IEEE ITS Conference 2019

Members of the JRL Ibai Laña, Eneko Osaba, Esther Villar, Alejandro Barredo, Izaskun Oregi and Javier del Ser have recently collaborated in 4 different papers accepted for the upcoming IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (, which will be held in Auckland, New Zeland in October 2019. JRL members have participated in the development of the following papers:

  • Road Traffic Forecasting using Stacking Ensembles of Echo State Networks  
  • A Question of Trust: Statistical Characterization of Long-Term Traffic Estimations for their Improved Actionability  
  • Deep Recurrent Neural Networks and Optimization Meta-Heuristics for Green Urban Route Planning with Dynamic Traffic Estimates  
  • What Lies Beneath: A Note on the Explainability of Black-box Machine Learning Models for Road Traffic Forecasting  

Javier Del Ser and Ibai Laña will attend and orally present these papers.

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