You don’t know us yet? We are a group of researchers coming from three different institutions: TECNALIA Research and Innovation, the BCAM: Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, and the UPV/EHU: University of the Basque Country, and our main goal is to do what we do best, and what we like most: Research, and just Research! No matter what aspect of the research we talk about, there we are! Write journal or conference papers, organize special sessions, workshops or even whole conferences, publish books and special issues… These are some of the activities we do in our day to day!

If you want to know more about us, please, visit the Research Areas or People sections. On the other hand, if want to check our most recent publications, you can also go to the corresponding section. Of course, it doesn’t matter what your institution is, or where you come from, you are welcome to visit, collaborate or even join us. We are willing to seek for new collaborations and research areas! We are also quite curious and active people, so check frequently our News or Upcoming Events sections to know what we are doing, or where we are going to be.

Welcome again to the JRL. Please, enter our site and take your time to read about us!