Do you want to collaborate with us? Great! There are several opportunities for doing that depending on your profile and/or your needs:

Are you interested in our scientific activity?

Please! Do not be shy! The Joint Research Lab team is composed of fully collaborative and open minded researchers. We welcome new ideas on topics related with our fields of knowledge, and, of course, we are also looking forward to deal and tackle new research problems and fields. It does not matter if your work is related with transport, data science, industry, energy, architecture… or even agriculture or special engineering! It does not mind if your intention is to develop a theoretical or applied research. If you really think we can collaborate and work together, contact us!

Our team of experts is ready to work in almost all the areas and topics of the research world. We have experience on publishing international and national journal papers, conference contributions, book chapters and even informative works! We have also a wide experience organizing conferences and workshops and small sessions in international congresses. We have also edited different books and Special Issues on reputed international journals.

But you know what the best part of this is? We are really willing to continue working, researching, publishing, editing… and more! If you are thinking on developing a new idea, we are your team! I you want to develop a research or write a paper and you need collaborators, we are your team! If you want to organize a conference, special issue, special session, book, Action COST… we are your team! So, please, check our team and contact us now the form that you can find below!

Do you want to join the JRL?

As the research world and the scientific community, we are not a closed or an exclusive team. This is not out style! For this reason, we are welcoming new members for our motivated, participative, collaborative and heterogeneous group of researchers.

If you want to join us, please, send your CV using the form, explaining your main motivation and your interests. Do not forget to explain why do you want to join us and what do you think you can bring to the Joint Research Lab. We will consider your application!

Do you want to join us as collaborator?

Our team is also composed by collaborators, who frequently collaborate with us in different aspects of the research. Basically, when we want to develop an idea or a research work, we contact some of our collaborators for collaborating, receiving advices, or even search new appropriate colleagues.

Our collaborators also help us forming teams of reviewers or advisers on the conferences, special sessions, books, or special issues that we organize/edit.

Of course, we are a constantly growing family! So, if you want to join our collaborator panel, please, send your CV using the form, with a brief introduction about your research interests and your motivation. We will be glad to consider you!

Do you want to visit us?

Are you visiting Bilbao? Are you working near us? Came to the JRL and meet us!  We are completely open to meet new researchers and people full of ideas. We will show you our Lab, and you can meet the team that is carrying out this challenging and motivating initiative. We are in ETSI Bilbao UPV/EHU, Calle Luis Briñas, 5, 48013 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain.